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INFOGRAPHIC: Understanding the 5 Whys of Six Sigma

There are two kinds of drivers, the offensive driver and the defensive driver. 

The offensive driver takes control of the road without regard to those surrounding them and forces those vehicles to adhere to their demands. Usually it is the offensive driver who causes mistakes to be made, that lead to accidents.

On the other hand, the defensive driver keeps monitoring the situation, anticipating dangerous conditions and quickly responds to mistakes made by others avoiding accidents.

For the defensive driver, the Six Sigma 5 Whys could symbolically be called a way of life that’s programmed into their mindset, used as a precautionary tale before getting on the road. For the offensive driver, it is used to gain insight as to what caused the accident. Most people conduct their business offensively; that’s why the Six Sigma 5 whys is a great tool.

Let’s take a look at Six Sigma 5 Whys in the following infographic.

5 whys 6 sigma infographic


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