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Improving Teaching Techniques with DMAIC

We’ve all been there — we walk into a class or seminar thinking it is going to be dry and uneventful, and then we are in the presence of magic. Not only do we learn, but also we are inspired to take whatever is being taught to the next level. So you ask: is this “magic” obtainable, or is it something you’re born with?

six sigma teaching dmaic

Well believe it or not, it can be obtained, just so long as you are aware of what is needed. The magic is “people training skills.” You see, teaching is much more than producing information overload. The information has to be given in a casual, simplistic manner and in a particular order so it paints a picture. The best way to start is by using Six Sigma methodologies of DMAIC.


Breaking up what is required to achieve people teaching skills is easy using the DMAIC template. It will be different for everyone because your audience has different needs and requirements.

In order to obtain people training skills, you need to know your audience and be able to not only know your subject matter very well, but also cater to their sense of adventure. That is what inspires people to learn. The DMAIC template will keep you on track as to what is needed to engage your classroom and in what order of priority.

Using the DMAIC Methodology to Improve Teaching Techniques

Define: The goal is to inspire learning the subject matter so that the class will be more engaged in the aspect of learning.

Measure: The current state as a baseline and use it as a starting point for improvement. Exactly where is the class right now, look at their grades, class participation, etc.

Analyze: The root cause, identify with data-driven tools and validate as to why said issue is happening. Using tools like 5 whys, Fishbone diagram, and the Pareto chart to find out the root cause of lack of interest in the class.

Improve: Here you need to identify some creative solutions to get rid of the major root causes, so the problem will be fixed and prevent future similar issues. This is a cause for brainstorming creative solutions.

Control: Here you want to maintain the improvements and sustain the success of those new improvements.
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