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Higher Company Morale Boosts Productivity

In a 2017 Gallup Poll on workplace engagement, it was found that engaged employees are most productive, and were also more focused on the customer’s needs and more attentive of business day-to-day processes, protocols, and systems. The Gallup Poll came up with the statement that highly engaged business units result in 21% higher profits.

Six Sigma’s core belief is that every team member or staff member is uniquely responsible for the success of the company and that Gallup Poll provides the data to prove that point.

Recent findings suggest that unhappy, unengaged company employees result in:

  • More absenteeism
  • Higher employee turnover
  • Decreased production
  • More mistakes and variations
  • Decreased company loyalty

If Six Sigma’s core beliefs were instilled in the company culture and the employees were treated as a valuable asset, that alone would increase production.

It seems that most leaders at companies only speak to the team when there is something that they are doing wrong, or they hand out compliments to the employee that they deem needs the encouragement. On a surprise note, the inferior employee starts to do better while the superior employee either quits or lowers his standard. This practice is more prevalent than you think.

A scholarly study by the Asian Journal on Quality concluded that the following were true:

  • Successful Six Sigma implementation is started by a view of the whole picture or a top-down approach.
  • Six Sigma training gives business strategy and development of tangible benefits.   
  • Six Sigma training improved morale and job satisfaction.
  • For successful Six Sigma implementation, Six Sigma training is a key factor.

A clear understanding of the concepts involved in a supportive positive environment is such a small price to pay for higher production and a happier workplace. It is a simple idea with great value.

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