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Have Your Business Assessed By One of Our Highly Regarded Lean Professionals

Whether you have tried to implement Lean processes or are just curious on what it would take from the Lean professional point of view, the answer is our Low-Cost 1-Day Onsite Lean Assessment.

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The Solution: Low Cost 1-Day Onsite Lean Assessment

What is the one day on-site assessment? You’ll be able to observe and interview key personnel in your operation to identify your organization’s biggest opportunities, and develop an action plan to start or re-energize your Lean efforts.

What does assess?

  • Inventory (the impact of)
  • Queues (or WIP, Raw Material, Finished Goods Waiting on “something”)
  • Product Lead-Times & Throughput
  • On-Time Delivery, Quality, & Operational Metrics
  • Production Capacity & Planning
  • Machine Downtime (this Includes Setups & Changeovers)
  • Workspace (Floor Space) Utilization
  • Product Flow and Movement
  • Materials or Service Replenishment
  • Cleanliness & Organization
  • Internal and External Supplier Issues

Deliverables from the assessment:

  • Future State Map of Process(es)
  • Includes detailed metrics to be delivered for the “Future State”
  • Action Plan developed to deliver the “Future State” of the Process(es)
  • Quote of Work to be performed (cost broken down for each service)
  • 100% Guarantee (to reach approved “Future State”)

We Will Come To Your Organization

Although we have many public offerings in the United States and around the world, our onsite Six Sigma training and certification allows us to focus on the needs of your company. We provide full deployment services from beginning to end. We also offer separate onsite Six Sigma training and certification options for organizations already using the methodology or just wanting to launch in a specific area. We can train as few as eight individuals or 1,000 or more depending on your specific requirements.

We have had great feedback from those who took advantage of this low cost assessment by our highly regarded Lean professionals. Many of our clients felt this opportunity was awe-inspiring because the data spoke for itself and erased any doubts they might have had.   

Please contact us for more information on this great opportunity!

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