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Employee Satisfaction: A Happy Employee Is a Productive One

As a business owner, your staff and their productivity translates into monetary value. So preventing productivity loss is a huge priority. More importantly, maintaining employee satisfaction and keeping them balanced and healthy will not only prevent productivity loss, but also increase morale.

Keeping Morale Up

Here are a few tips to maintaining employee satisfaction and keeping your employees happy:

  • Have everyone on the same page: Keep communication going by including everyone on company emails, meetings, and updates. A staff member will get stressed out and frustrated when they feel like they have been left out of the loop.
  • Encourage employee innovation. Even if the ideas won’t become part of the business reality, make a note, and take the time to acknowledge him/her. After all, he or she demonstrated initiative just by thinking of ways to improve your company.
  • Implement a physical wellness and mental health program. Depending on the industry, having a mental healthcare professional to talk to can do a world of good. Yoga and gym memberships, as well as guided meditation, are excellent ways to keep morale up.
  • Straight from Six Sigma: Survey your employees on what their needs are. Never assume that you know what is best for your employees. Offer them ongoing training and growth programs. Always show your appreciation to every employee; don’t assume employee X doesn’t need kudos because of his age or life’s experience — everyone needs to feel appreciated.
  • At the end of the day, we all know that employee turnover leads to lost productivity, which is a big waste. Waste is the number one reason companies lose revenue. Investing in the health and welfare of your employees is a worthwhile cause, and you will definitely reap the benefits twofold.

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