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Eli Lilly and Six Sigma: A Lifelong Partnership

Bringing Six Sigma to pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly was something that the company had really done their research on, so when the time finally came to implement it, Lilly was standing there with open arms.

eli lilly six sigma

That was about approximately 10 years ago, and back then Lilly had some pretty big goals that they wanted to accomplish with Six Sigma.

Eli Lilly’s Goals

  • Savings goal of 2-3 percent of annual revenue
  • 1 percent of employee population to be Black Belts in Six Sigma
  • 60 projects completed out of several hundred

Today, Eli Lilly is among the top Fortune 500 in the pharmaceutical industry, and they are now leaders in teaching others how to implement Six Sigma for their company.

Lilly has Black Belt staff to lead and oversee external projects on a volunteer basis. Eli Lilly believes that implementing Six Sigma has benefited the company, their shareholders, and of course their customers, so much so that now they are passing the good word.

Lilly feels that by spreading the good word of Six Sigma processes that it will improve the pharmaceutical industry as a whole, and that will improve the health of their customers.

The Black Belts within Lilly also help non-profit organizations by educating them on Six Sigma and how it can help their company by improving their processes and the way tasks are implemented.  As another way to spread the good word, they also offer to become partners to offer their customers improved healthcare.

Eli Lilly continues to improve continuously on their existing processes and operations. This proves the point that they are lifers in all that is Six Sigma.

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