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Practicing Due Diligence: Communication Is Key

Sometimes the best way to find a legitimate Six Sigma practitioner is to contact them directly. By practicing due diligence, you can ensure you find the best Six Sigma practitioner for your needs. But don’t rush in. Stop and think. You can’t trust everything you read on the internet, and what’s to stop scam artists from taking advantage of you? Protect yourself through solid communication. Here are some ways you can reach out and get valuable information.


Networking in Person

Networking events are great opportunities to meet potential Six Sigma practitioners for your business. Sometimes, you must rely on your gut instincts. By meeting and talking to them in person, you stand the best chance of separating the bad from the good. Look them in the eyes, look at how they dress and present themselves? Do they look professional? Remember, you’ll have to work with this person on a frequent basis, so it’s critical you decide early on whether they’re right for you (or right at all).

Active communication is key. As such, it’s highly beneficial to prepare a set of questions in advance of your meeting. Make practitioners work hard to demonstrate their capabilities. That way, you’ll get the best understanding of how they would, or would not, be able to improve your business. You’ll meet lots of different practitioners, too, which allows you to judge one against another, to see who measures up.


Communication Over Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. This triad is an incredibly useful source of information you can’t afford to ignore. If you can’t meet your potential practitioners in person, social media is the next best thing. Social networking sites are all valuable means of communication. You can send messages to potentially legitimate Six Sigma practitioners and see how they interact with other users. Furthermore, look at their pages and posts for a good idea of their legitimacy. There might even be links to their website or blog, which is usually an indicator of legitimacy and reputability. You can learn a lot about a person or company from their social media accounts, so don’t neglect them in your research.


Check Their Website

An organization’s or individual’s website is the number one chance you have of gauging their legitimacy. It can also give you an idea of how reputable they are as well. All reputable company websites, especially for Six Sigma providers, should provide detailed information on their services and goals. A blog is always a good sign, as it demonstrates an interest in their work and reputation.

Some sites even provide profiles on their employees. Naturally, you’ll want someone with the right stuff for the job, and employee bios are a means of judging this. They may even provide contact information so you can reach out to them directly. Moreover, drop them an email and see what happens. If you can meet them in person, go for it. In our experience, one-on-one meetings are the best way of judging someone’s legitimacy.

We also recommend looking at testimonials to see how other customers and clients have reacted to your practitioner’s services. You could even follow this up by contacting former clients to get an informed opinion straight from the source. Facts, like communication, are invaluable tools. Getting yours straight is the key to finding the best legitimate Six Sigma practitioner for you.


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