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Dodgy Dealers: How Fake Six Sigma Providers Mess You Around

With so many untrustworthy companies looking to make money, it can be tricky telling the good from the bad. Unfortunately, a lot of fake companies have no qualms masquerading as supposedly accredited Six Sigma providers. Our advice: avoid these dodgy dealers at all costs. Today, we look at the ways in which fake Six Sigma providers mess you around. The more you know, the easier you can recognize both the good and the bad.

1. Fake Providers Give Misleading Information

For online courses, providers will only have certain features available after your trial period has ended. Dishonest providers often give out blatantly false information in this regard, shamelessly misleading you into paying extortionate fees, often for services never rendered. Prices are likely to be inflated and course materials unlikely to prove satisfactory. We’ve heard stories of salespeople pressuring customers into paying extra for supposedly accelerated Six Sigma courses. At the end, however, their certificate turned out to be a cheap printout that anyone could make in Microsoft Word. Don’t let this happen to you. Unrecognized institutions won’t think twice about conning you.

2. Dodgy Dealers Provide Sluggish Customer Service

For class-based Six Sigma training and online courses, asking for a refund is sometimes the only option. It’s bad enough when you receive sub-standard teaching and learning materials. But it’s even worse when faced with shoddy customer service.  Remember, phony Six Sigma providers are just out to make money. They don’t care about delivering quality training, or about contributing to global Six Sigma culture. Furthermore, unscrupulous companies move at a sluggish pace. This is a deliberate tactic. As such, their customer service staff may pass you around, deliberately trying to exhaust you, hoping you’ll give up. For anyone with experience of this sort of treatment, it’s incredibly frustrating. It’s also a violation of the high customer service standards you should expect from supposedly reputable providers. By the time you realize this, however, it’s often too late.

3. Phony Providers Have Additional Charges

We always recommend reading the fine print. There may be additional charges and other unfortunate surprises hidden between the lines. Moreover, fake Six Sigma providers will do just about anything, including taking funds from your account even after you’ve canceled your subscription. Even after you’ve requested a cancellation, they won’t hesitate to charge you for another month’s worth of material or services you didn’t receive. You’re unlikely to get a refund either. They will claim the additional charges were part of the package, but don’t be fooled. Companies like this are not interested in customer satisfaction, only in extorting as much money as they can from you.

4. Untrustworthy Companies Offer Low-Quality Training

Think about it. You’ve paid a lot of money for your Six Sigma course, only to receive poor training from an incompetent instructor. It isn’t ideal. Six Sigma should be dynamic and energizing, not read off slides, with no practical element. Beware of courses like these. Get out while you can, as the experience is only likely to get worse. We find that many of these fake provider courses are rarely organized or up-to-date. Online students have it worse, forced to rely on computerized curriculums. Most of the time, you will have little to no contact with a qualified (not to mention real) trainer at all.

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