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White Belt Training

The Six Sigma White Belt training is an introduction to Six Sigma concepts.

The White Belt Training Specifics:White Belt

  • It is a one day class
  • It provides an internationally recognized certification.
  • Classroom courses start on Monday at 8:00 am through 5:00 pm.
  • Webinar courses begin on Tuesday at 9am (Central).


Students have the opportunity to continue onto the Yellow Belt, Green Belt, or the four week Black Belt. The reason that students are able to go into the other programs, is because the White Belt training is the first day of the Green Belt or four week Black Belt.

There are no prerequisites for the White Belt training, and Minitab is not required for this class. Please view the brochure with agenda here.

Duration Dates Location Cost Course Code  
1 day Aug-06-2019 Live Instructor Led Webinar $199 OWB-1 Register
1 Day Aug-12-2019 Philadelphia, PA $499 WBPHL Register
1 Day Aug-19-2019 Raleigh, NC $499 WBRDU Register
1 Day Aug-26-2019 Las Vegas, NV $499 WBLAS Register
1 Day Sep-09-2019 Chicago Elmhurst, IL $499 WBCHI Register
1 day Sep-10-2019 Live Instructor Led Webinar $199 OWB-1 Register
1 Day Sep-16-2019 Dallas, TX $499 WBDFW Register
1 Day Sep-23-2019 Boston, MA $499 WBBOS Register
1 Day Sep-23-2019 Indianapolis $499 WBIND Register
1 Day Sep-23-2019 San Francisco, CA $499 WBSFO Register
1 Day Sep-30-2019 Tampa, FL $499 WBTPA Register
1 Day Sep-30-2019 Washington, DC $499 WBDCA Register
1 Day Sep-30-2019 Honolulu, HI $499 WBHNL Register
1 Day Sep-30-2019 Los Angeles, CA $499 WBLAX Register
1 Day Sep-30-2019 St. Louis, MO $499 WBSTL Register
1 day Oct-01-2019 Live Instructor Led Webinar $199 OWB-1 Register
1 Day Oct-07-2019 Seattle, WA $499 WBSEA Register
1 Day Oct-07-2019 Pittsburgh, PA $499 WBPIT Register
1 day Oct-07-2019 Seattle, WA $499 WBSEA Register
1 Day Oct-07-2019 Toronto, ON $499 WBYYZ Register
1 Day Oct-15-2019 Portland, OR $499 WBPDX Register
1 Day Oct-15-2019 DC Metro, Tysons Corner, Virginia $499 WBDTC Register
1 Day Oct-21-2019 Dubai, UAE $499 WBDXB Register
1 Day Oct-21-2019 San Antonio, TX $499 WBSAT Register
1 Day Oct-21-2019 Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ $499 WBSCF Register
1 Day Oct-28-2019 Elizabeth, NJ $499 WBEWR Register
1 Day Nov-12-2019 Austin, TX $499 WBAUS Register
1 Day Nov-12-2019 San Diego, CA $499 WBSAN Register
1 day Nov-12-2019 Live Instructor Led Webinar $199 OWB-1 Register
1 day Nov-18-2019 Atlanta, GA $499 WBATL Register
1 Day Nov-18-2019 Chicago Downtown, IL $499 WBCD Register
1 Day Nov-18-2019 San Jose, CA $499 WBSJC Register
1 Day Dec-09-2019 Orlando, FL $499 WBMCO Register
1 day Dec-17-2019 Live Instructor Led Webinar $199 OWB-1 Register

Learning Outcomes

Students will have a basic understanding of the Six Sigma Methodology, which will include the roles within Six Sigma, as well as what makes a good Six Sigma project. Students will also have a basic understanding of how Six Sigma is deployed within an organization.

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