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Achieve Personal Goals Using Six Sigma DMAIC

Just about everyone has personal goals or something they want to improve on. So we have carefully crafted an outline applying the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology to working towards achieving those goals!

dmaic goal setting

Define/Measure/Analyze/Improve/Control = DMAIC

You’d want to set up your goal as a project that must get done within a certain time frame, so lets see how this could be done.

Define: Clearly define your goal and be specific. Why is it important you lose that weight or finish that screenplay? How will achieving your goal impact your life? The more specific you are, the bigger the chance you will be successful at achieving your goal. Defining exactly why it is so important that you achieve this goal will put things into perspective and give your goal credence, mostly to yourself. How will your life change if you achieve this goal?

Measure: What is the data surrounding your current state? Since you currently haven’t achieved your goal, how is it affecting you? Convert your current status into measurable data. If you need to lose weight, write down your current vital statistics, i.e. weight, height, and physical condition, blood pressure, energy level. Be specific as possible.

Analyze: Break down your current processes, in this case routine, which would equal to time, spent adding value to you, i.e. your goal. Conduct a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and use the 5 whys to determine what is causing the obstacle and not letting you achieve your goal. Another tool you could use is the Fishbone Diagram, which would help you explore all potentials or real causes of your past failure. 

Improve: Create potential solutions and make sure to address past failures and make sure your current potential solution is failure-proof to past obstacles. Conduct a trial pilot run to confirm the improvement and validate.

Control: Make sure your newly implemented routine to achieve your goal is well maintained. The best tool to use in this phase is a Control Chart. Process control is extremely important to identify defined standards and requirements needed to make sure the goal is achieved, thus adding value to the final product. In this case, lost weight or a finished screenplay.

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