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Practicing Due Diligence: Reclaim Lost Time, Maximize Cost-Savings

While it may be impossible to avoid getting ripped off by an illegitimate practitioner, there are ways to regain your time and money. Six Sigma can help you if you let it. Are you in the market for a promotion? Or do you just want to stand out to your boss? Either way, the solution is to use your initiative. Applying Six Sigma to your processes helps you generate ideas to reclaim lost time and maximize cost-savings. Think about how your plan might impact your business. Reducing unnecessary actions to streamline processes is a great start. You could even eliminate waste and reduce variation while you’re at it. Don’t fall behind in the market due to wasted time and lack of cost-effectiveness. Reclaim both for your company. Today, we look at some of the ways Six Sigma works in the real world for this very purpose.

Plan to Succeed

All you need do is browse the internet to find inspiration for your time-saving, cost-reducing process improvement plan. Using Six Sigma techniques like DMAIC and root cause analysis, you can identify problems on which to act. Similarly, Six Sigma also prompts you to devise solutions driven by data, with the potential for massive savings. For some businesses, it’s even possible to save up to 100 thousand dollars per year. Not only will this radically improve your cash flow, but you can then redirect that money to areas that need it, which could potentially drive greater savings. That’s like winning a scratch card, only to then win the lottery.

San Diego Six Sigma

Let’s look at some real-life examples of time and cost-savings. Only this year, San Diego enrolled city staff on a sixteen-week Lean Six Sigma course at UC San Diego Extension. The aim of this was to find ways of improving customer satisfaction and process efficiency. They certainly succeeded. Not only did they manage to reduce 911 call waiting times and speed up street light maintenance to minimize disruption, but also to improve customer service in local libraries. This shows that businesses big and small aren’t the only ones Six Sigma can benefit.

Almis Udrys, San Diego’s director of the Performance and Analytics Department, has a lot to say on the matter. For Udrys, Six Sigma represents a huge opportunity to reinvigorate city staff problem-solving skills. Skills that enable you to locate problems at the source and eliminate them to save time and increase cost-savings. Lean wastes like overprocessing, overproduction and human error are the usual causes of concern. Correcting these harmful issues will stand your business in good stead down the line.

The Secret to Saving Time and Money with Six Sigma

Six Sigma training doesn’t just revitalize your practical process improvement abilities. It helps you to look at problems from new perspectives. Naturally, you’ll want your employees to come complete with a wide array of skills that will benefit your organization. The business world is changing at a rapid pace, and Six Sigma can help you keep up by saving time and costs. The key to successful process improvement is for employees to open their minds to innovation, embrace data-driven decision-making, and commit to continuous improvement.

SixSigma.com offers both Live Virtual classes as well as Online Self-Paced training. Most option includes access to the same great Master Black Belt instructors that teach our World Class in-person sessions. Sign-up today!


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