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Protect Your Reputation with a Recognized Six Sigma Certificate

There’s a reason why recruiters read a resume from Ivy League universities before ones from a community college. Likewise, there’s a reason why employers have come to expect more from renowned institutes with superior training and course work. That reason is simply reputation. For most industries, reputation can determine everything. Deciding if you’re the right match for a job, signing a new business contract, or taking a risk on something. It’s no surprise that for Six Sigma, reputation is just as vital. Unlike the previous example, there is no official certification of Six Sigma training programs. Thus, the value of Six Sigma certificates depends almost solely on the integrity, the reputation, of the program. To protect you from wasting your time and money on a training course with a poor reputation, here are a few things to look for in a decent accreditor.


When interviewing for a new position, you are sure to be asked about your past work experiences. What projects you managed, how you tackled difficult situations, and more, will all be assessed by your interviewer. Likewise, when searching for a Six Sigma accreditor, first look at what experiences you will gain. If a training program is only a few weeks long and offers no hands-on experience, chances are, they are a poor accreditor. Additionally, further warning signs of poor training would be a lack of communication with other students, reluctance to critique your work and progress, and no availability to work on certified Six Sigma projects.

Course Work

Whenever applying to a new course or training program, it’s important to see exactly the institute plans to teach you. Whether you’re seeking a Black Belt certification or just beginning as a White Belt, it’s vital to know what your course covers. Likewise, if you have access to the training program’s content, compare it to other programs. This allows you to assess their similarities and differences. This tip is a easy was to see if you’re facing a poor accreditor based on the lack of relevant content. Remember, the goal of a Six Sigma training program should focus on exposing you to the methodology, not just taking your money.

Past Users

When you shop online, it’s commonplace to read reviews of products you might wish to purchase. Likewise, search for reviews of past individuals who have taken the Six Sigma training course(s) you’re interested in. Are past students now senior managers at well-known corporations? Do they run their own consulting firm? Or have they become stagnant in their progress? Furthermore, if you’re interested in gaining a higher Six Sigma certification, sometimes the best method to find the right training program is to just ask your manager. Chances are, your employer has a list of preferred programs that they trust and send their colleagues to.

Your Next Steps

At the end of the day, finding the perfect Six Sigma training course depends on three things. They are your time limitations, your budget, and most importantly, your own preference. Six Sigma certification is an invaluable asset that will progress you within your career faster than most other certifications. Take the time to carefully find the right program for you and always be on the watch for poor accreditors!

SixSigma.com offers both Live Virtual classes as well as Online Self-Paced training. Most option includes access to the same great Master Black Belt instructors that teach our World Class in-person sessions. Sign-up today!


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