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Lean Fundamentals

This four day course starts with Lean Basics like 5S, Kanban, Value Stream Mapping, and Kaizen, then covers advanced concepts that use data and analysis within a DMAIC roadmap to design an optimized process layout. Learn the Lean Fundamentals system that brings it all together.

Lean Fundamentals Training Topics:

  • Overview of the Lean Initiative
  • Incorporating Lean & Six Sigma
  • Muda (or Waste) Eradication
  • Value Stream Mapping (Present and Prospective State)
  • How to Conduct a Lean Vision Events (or Kaizen Events)
  • Flow, TAKT Time and PITCH Applications
  • Replenishment Pull methods vs. Traditional “Push”
  • Kanban or Visual Signaling
  • Goldratt’s “Theory of Constraints”
  • 5S and Visual Control
  • Poka Yoke (Error Proofing)
  • Program Synopsis
DurationDatesLocationCostCourse Code 
3 Days Apr-07-2020 Live Instructor Led Webinar $1300OLF-1 Register
4 Days Apr-27-2020 San Jose, CA $2000LFSJC Register
4 Days May-11-2020 Houston, TX $2000LFIAH Register
4 Days May-18-2020 Atlanta, GA $2000LFATL Register
3 Days May-19-2020 Live Instructor Led Webinar $1300OLF-1 Register
3 Days Jun-02-2020 Live Instructor Led Webinar $1300OLF-1 Register
4 Days Jun-08-2020 Las Vegas, NV $2000LFLAS Register
4 Days Jun-22-2020 Boston, MA $2000LFBOS Register
4 Days Jul-13-2020 Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ $2000LFSCF Register
4 Days Jul-20-2020 Toronto, ON $2000LFYYZ Register
4 Days Jul-27-2020 Nashville, TN $2000LFBDN Register
4 Days Aug-10-2020 Chicago Downtown, IL $2000LFCHI Register
3 Days Aug-25-2020 Live Instructor Led Webinar $2000OLF-1 Register
4 Days Aug-31-2020 Minneapolis, MN $2000LIMSP Register
4 Days Sep-14-2020 Portland, OR $2000LFPDX Register
4 Days Sep-28-2020 Dallas, TX $2000LFDFW Register
4 Days Oct-05-2020 Las Vegas, NV $2000LFLAS Register
4 Days(Tu-Fri) Oct-13-2020 Providence RI $2000LFPVD Register
4 Days Nov-02-2020 San Francisco, CA $2000LFSFO Register
3 Days Nov-17-2020 Live Instructor Led Webinar $2000OLF-1 Register
4 Days Dec-07-2020 Washington, DC $2000LFDCA Register
4 Days Dec-07-2020 San Antonio, TX $2000LFSAT Register