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This article is the second of five in our new series, Kaizen 5S for Beginners. In the post, we discuss the second S, 'Straighten'.

Kaizen 5S for Beginners: Straighten

Kaizen, originating from Japanese for “Change for better”, is a term used when constantly finding ways to improve functions of your business. Additionally, Kaizen practices ways to organize your workplace and assess the capabilities and standards of your processes. Why Kaizen is...
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Kaizen 5S for Beginners: Sort

The word “Kaizen” originates from Japanese, meaning “improvement”. For Six Sigma practices, Kaizen refers to any improvement within a company at a continuous rate. The word first gained traction following World War II in Japan, where factory workers continuously sought ways to...
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Kaizen + Lean Tools = The Perfect Marriage

The Kaizen philosophy, developed by Masaaki Imai, has provided the groundwork for some of the world’s leading successful companies, such as Toyota. This philosophy promotes continuous improvement, that a day should never go by without having an improvement. One should always be...