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fishbone diagram six sigma training

How Fishbone Diagrams Can Inspire Teamwork

13 May 2017
Using a Fishbone diagram in Six Sigma is easy, but it does take a certain mindset. First you want to have the mindset of eradicating the problem and not just the symptoms. As with all the data in Six Sigma, the first step is to state the problem or issue clearly and concisely....
Do you know what the top 7 quality tools for Six Sigma are? If not, you soon will! Today we outline the best tools for improving quality.

Our Top 7 Quality Tools for Six Sigma Work

06 Apr 2017
Six Sigma strives to improve quality in business processes and production. We know from experience that it is critical for customers receive products that they want or are useful. Leveraging customer demand in this way allows businesses to make predictions about future demand. If...